4 Reasons Why Dancers are Choosing Freestyle Wear by Dance Couture

If you’re a dancer looking for your next outfit listen up! You’re probably looking for something comfortable without sacrificing looks. Look no further, here’s why dancers are choosing Freestyle by Dance Couture for all their dance and loungewear needs!


Luxurious Yet Sustainable Fabrics

Today dancers want luxury dancewear that is sourced responsibly and that is comfortable to practice or perform in. Freestyle was created with the modern dancer in mind. We use organic cotton to help preserve the environment. Organic cotton requires 88% less water to grow, and requires 62% less energy than conventional cotton. Sustainability and luxury are our top priority. We provide dancers with the best of both worlds. When it comes to our planet, we refuse to compromise.


Modern Fashion Meets Dance

Most dancewear brands offer looks that are all too familiar. You’ve seen them a thousand times before. Freestyle is designed with attitude and precision to serve dancers during performances or dance practice. Our designs consist of uniquely simple details that blend modern fashion with the art of dance.


We Stay Trending

Don't worry about spending hours deciding what to wear to dance practice or choosing outfits for your team's next performance. We focus on creating the dance and loungewear that the industry needs, so you can focus on winning your next competition. We are continually inspired by the dance community, so whether you're looking for something to wear on stage at a competition, or just lifestyle wear, Freestyle has got it all. Check out Freestyle accessories for an easy way to customize your look.


Celebrate Identity

We believe that all dance styles should be celebrated. Whether you identify as a ballet, hip hop, or contemporary dancer. Freestyle has what you’re looking for. Our dancewear is designed by dancers, for dancers. It doesn't get any better than that. We understand the dance community, and respect the process. Which is why we put in the work to source the highest quality materials available.

Discover Freestyle loungewear and dancewear by Dance Couture today! Follow us on Instagram for all of our latest designs!